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Join the Choir


If you would like to attend a trial rehearsal please fill out the form on this page.  

What previous experience do you have of singing with choirs? What size of choir? How would you describe your sight-reading and score-reading skills? Do you have other musical experience such as playing an instrument?

Feel free to tell us why you think West London Chamber Choir may be the choir for you and how you heard about us. 


We invite applicants to participate in a minimum of two and maximum of three rehearsals without payment of any subscription, after which they must have a short private audition with the Musical Director, with at least one committee member present. Applicants are required to prepare a short solo piece to sing with piano accompaniment, together with some straightforward sight-reading and vocal tests. 


Successful applicants may immediately take part in rehearsals, however taking part in the next scheduled concert will require sufficient rehearsal time as determined by the Musical Director.


All singers are expected to attend, as far as is possible, all rehearsals and concerts. The Musical Director reserves the right to exclude any singer from a performance if they are judged to have missed too many rehearsals for a particular concert.

Thanks for submitting!

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